Let’s put an end
        to lost dreams

Our Supporters

  1. Individual athletes face many challenges when competing in a sport on their own. Without support services such as fundraising, outreach, or cultivation programs providing opportunities for self-reliance, growth & achievement, they may leave a sport they love out of frustration or feelings of hopelessness. Solid Foundation Sponsorship provides much needed enrichment to individual athletes. We Cultivate by helping them to understand sportsmanship, sponsorship & training. Our Outreach Programs provide equipment to athletes in need, as well as mentors to set positive examples. We also offer Fundraising Grants, which gives athletes fundraising products. This provides additional opportunities for athletes to earn money for equipment, gear and other costs associated with their sport.

Company Overview


Our Cultivate program teach athletes about sportsmanship, sponsorship, as well as training & nutrition.


Our Outreach program provides mentorship from our representative athletes by collecting used equipment and providing donated equipment to athletes who are in need.


​Our Fundraising Grant program provides young athletes with fundraising product to sell in order to raise money for Solid Foundation Sponsorship. This is strictly a volunteer based program.

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Representative Athlete

Become a Representative Athlete! Complete a program participation application and email it to randy@sfscharities.org Download Application