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Who We Help

Solid Foundation Sponsorship helps underprivileged athletes in individual athlete sports. We offer support to athletes between the ages of 3 & 19, 18 & 19 year olds must be enrolled in high school. We have 3 programs to support athletes in need, With our Cultivate program we provide literature such as articles, forms and education materials to teach kids about sportsmanship, sponsorship and training. Our Outreach program gives athletes the sports equipment they need to compete in the sport they love. When a young athlete is in need of sports equipment, they can fill out an Equipment Grant application and tell us what equipment they need, why and how it will help them. When an athlete would like to help Solid Foundation raise money, they can take out a fundraising grant. Solid Foundation will provide the fundraising product and when the athlete has sold the product, the money will come back to Solid Foundation to help us continue helping young athletes in need.

Equipment Grant Recipients    ->

Here are some of the athletes who received equipment grants. These athletes may only have needed a uniform or maybe a few pieces they needed to complete their equipment. We simply ask the athlete to tell us what they need, why and how will it help them.

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